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  1. IntotheDawn
    IntotheDawn (7 comments) at |

    She does amazing work! They are all adorable!

  2. Eaglehawk
    Eaglehawk (1 comments) at |

    She has some of the best mini-animals I’ve ever seen.

  3. ColtPixy
    ColtPixy (18 comments) at |

    I absolutely LOVE her work! Especially her little flocked dogs. There is an amazing cat WIP on her blog too!

  4. Michelle of CreativeCritters
    Michelle of CreativeCritters (5 comments) at |

    I love her adorable little criters- so cute!
    -Michelle of CreativeCritters

  5. Valerie
    Valerie (10 comments) at |

    I just adore those bunnies!

  6. Cat
    Cat (15 comments) at |

    The bunnies are my favorites, but all of her critters are amazing!

  7. Haffina
    Haffina (13 comments) at |

    Fabulous work

  8. Dee
    Dee (2 comments) at |

    Hello, thanks for the post! Sorry I missed your turn to be featured. I will try to catch up once we’ve finished the current round!

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