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  1. Valerie-EmilyClaireCreations
    Valerie-EmilyClaireCreations (1 comments) at |

    She is a really awesome lady!! I love her work!

  2. Amy/mamaslittlemonkeys
    Amy/mamaslittlemonkeys (1 comments) at |

    Lovely feature and beautiful shop!!

  3. ColtPixy
    ColtPixy (18 comments) at |

    She is a very sweet person who makes lovely things. I adore her dolls and sculptures.

  4. Valerie
    Valerie (10 comments) at |

    Michelle’s work always makes me smile. I love her items!

  5. Cat
    Cat (15 comments) at |

    I love her work and the whimsy in it!

  6. Michelle of CreativeCritters
    Michelle of CreativeCritters (5 comments) at |

    Thank you so much for a great feature! I’m definitely feeling the love this week! :-)
    -Michelle of CreativeCritters

  7. Haffina
    Haffina (13 comments) at |

    Awesome items from Michelle and a nice post.

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