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I missed participating in the last theme challenge that the Polymer Clay Smooshers, which was “Nature”, because 1) I usually procrastinate on those anyway, and 2) as a result of that and my sudden decision to participate in the craft fair last weekend, my time was spent making bows and stuff instead of clay smooshin’.

So, while I am a little bit late with this, I feel obligated to share a few of my fellow members’ entries into the Nature theme challenge.  Here you can find the post at our guild blog with the entire batch of participants.  Otherwise, here are a few selections to get a peek at what everyone came up with!

From Desert Rubble:


From SassyClayCreations:


And from ColtPixy:


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  1. Cat
    Cat (15 comments) at |

    Beautiful choices from our challenge!
    I hope you’ll be there for the next one.

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