Polyform is changing their colors

I am not happy about this.

Polyform – makers of Premo and Sculpey are changing their clay colors.  They are adding several that, to be honest, look interesting.  However, they are also doing something I think is incredibly stupid and idiotic – they are eliminating some of their primary colors!!
big surprise

The following colors are discontinued: Red Pearl, Green Pearl, Cobalt Blue, Sea Green, Copper, Zinc Yellow, Frost, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Red and Glow-In-The-Dark – We’ll have recipes for most on our website.

Really?  Getting rid of Cobalt Blue and Zinc Yellow?  And Red Pearl?  And Glow-in-the-dark – how exactly does one reproduce that color by mixing any of the existing ones, hmmm?

I posted on their Facebook discussion (linked above) about my unhappiness, as have others.

If you use Premo and are incensed about this, I would recommend going to that page and leaving a comment.  It may not sway their decision, but at least they will know that their consumers are extremely unhappy about their choices of colors to discontinue.  Especially primary colors.  Why a company in their right mind would discontinue a base color that is required for mixing secondary and tertiary colors is beyond me.  Apparently they have forgotten the laws of color!

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