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Don’t I wish.  I haven’t been to the beach in a couple of years, we live too far away for it to be a frequent visit.  But I definitely want to go back sometime.  My family, which included my husband, my daughter, my husband’s mom and myself, went out to San Diego when my daughter was two and a half years old.  We visited the beach the evening we arrived, so it was my daughter’s first time seeing and stepping foot in the ocean.

She was a bit hesitant at first, and even when we went to the beach a couple days later she was still a little nervous about it.  I don’t blame her much really, it IS a big sight to see, and probably quite scary to such a little gal.

I hope we can go back again next year.  She’ll be four and a half years old, and I’m sure she’ll probably enjoy it a lot more.  She definitely loved Sea World, too!

Here are some Smoosher’s items that remind me of the beach…

From Into the Dawn:

From Imprint Creations:

From Gingerbell’s Gifts:

And, from Dana’s Jewlery:

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    I love all items to do with the ocean and water. Wonderful choices.

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