My First ‘Craft Fair’

It was a pretty small operation, but what better place to get my toes wet with the craft fair scene?  The entry fee was only $10, for a 10 foot space.  If I had had more product, that would have been a super investment.  Alas I had only one table, and pretty much took all of what I have in my Artfire shop, and spent one and a half weeks in my off hours trying to make as many bows as I could.  Yes, it was also a spur of the moment decision to jump into it, so I didn’t have much time to prepare.

It was held at the school my daughter will be attending next year for Kindergarten, for their annual school spring carnival.  And if they hold it again next year, I have a general idea of when it will be so I’ll have more time to prepare.

I didn’t do any practice set up for arranging my table, I was making it up as I went.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I think I did okay with it.


The only thing I prepped ahead of time was what I was hanging the bows & jewelry off of – which consisted of:

two 10×14 canvases painted pink and six 3/4” hooks screwed into the tops, for the bows




and two 9×7 canvases painted, one with the same 3/4” hooks and the other with 1/8” ribbon hot glued across the front.



I didn’t get any sales that day, although four people did ask for my business card.  Thank you for stopping by to look at my wares yesterday!

It was a good learning experience, and I did learn a couple of things.  One, make sure I have plenty of time to prepare for it so I can build up my product.  When I was scrambling this week to make bows, I centered on the two upcoming holidays – St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter, so I had mostly green and Easter colored bows, with the exception of four 4th of July bows I had ‘in the wings’ already, that is I had the ribbon cut but had not started putting them together when I decided to do this.  I definitely need a better selection of colors and types of bows.  And probably more specific things like the flower clips and hats that seem to be popular these days.  And korkers, I want to try making a bunch of those, too.

Second, I am going to have someone help me with loading and unloading my car, especially if I have more product to set up in the future.  It was tough by myself, although in the morning when I got there, the gal that was in charge of the Sell-a-Bration offered to help me carry in some things, and she took in my table.  Thank you!!!

So that is what has been going on for the past two weeks or so – preparing for my first show.

If anyone sees a bow they would like to buy, either comment here or send me a message in my contact form, at least until I get them posted in my Artfire shop.  Speaking of my shop, I need to go and take it out of vacation mode now.

Later for now!

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