My apologies to IE users

I know this blog looks like utter crap in Internet Exploder.  (sorry – Internet Explorer).

Suffice to say – I code on an iMac, using Firefox & Chrome as the browsers that I spot-check my coding work with.  The only time I ever use IE is for the day job, where that is the IT department’s ‘authorized’ browser of choice – and even then I only use it for one website.  For all else I use Firefox.  I really, really avoid IE as if it were a plague.

I may or may not get around to attempting to fix the code so IE can read it properly.  If Microsoft would start playing nice and make their browser conform to W3C HTML & CSS standards (but mostly the CSS), well then we wouldn’t have this problem.

But anyway.  If you grow tired of how this looks in IE, may I suggest trying out Firefox or Chrome?  They’re both free!  Or failing that – maybe an RSS reader, such as  Eventually I will probably make an effort to fix the way this looks in IE, but I make no estimates as to when that may happen or even how long it would take once I get started.  It will be a time consuming headache to say the least, which I am not looking forward to.

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