Do you see what I see?

If it is working for everyone…. You may see something nifty-neato on my blog here that I figured out how to do tonight.

You’ll need to be seeing my blog in a browser to see the spiffyness, so if you’re peeking at this via a reader or FB or something, please click through and have a closer look!

Besides… I need for people to let me know if it worked! I know *I* can see it, but can you?  cool hmm

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  1. Traecy
    Traecy (4 comments) at |

    It works in Firefox but not in IE8. That is why I didn’t see it at first.  Switched to Firefox and viola…there the prettyness was.  I like it. I won’t say what it is in case others are still guessing.  smile

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