Back online

I know I haven’t posted here in a while, probably over 10 months.  That’s actually not abnormal for me, particularly since I probably have at least four different blogs I could chose to post from, two of which I haven’t put up anything at in a much longer time frame than this one.  Haha. Anyway, if you happened across my… Read more →

California Trip 2012

California Trip 2012

We took a week long trip in June this year, to visit a few cities that our daughter and I had never been to before, but that Josh had been, and then also returning to another city we hadn’t been to since our daughter was two and a half years old. One of our goals was to drive the Pacific… Read more →

Vacation – there and back again

The three of us just got back from vacation yesterday.  We went to Disneyland, for our daughter it was her first time.  She did really well with all of the walking we did (we figure we averaged about five miles a day), all of the waiting in line and the boredom that ensues with the waiting. Cast of characters: My… Read more →