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Completed painting - revealed

Completed painting – revealed

Today the painting was delivered to its recipient, my husband’s grandmother, so I can safely reveal what I was working on now. First is a shot of the entire picture.  Keep in mind it is still a little curved, even after laying all night underneath something heavy in an attempt to flatten it, so if anything seems a bit skewed,… Read more →

Painting completed

I just finished a painting of three girls, but it is a gift so the reveal will have to wait until after it has been given to its recipient, since that person happens to be a fan of my FB page. :)  All that is left is to wait for it to flatten and dry, then sign it and get… Read more →

Angel and horse paintings

Angel and horse paintings

As promised, a photo of the angel painting I completed earlier this year, hand-drawn and all from my imagination:I’ll have to get better photos of this later when the sun is out.  The kitchen lights leave a yellow tone to my pictures so I tried to color correct a little.  These might be a bit “richer” than the actual colors…. Read more →

What would you pay?

…for a hand-painted portrait?  It could be of a loved one, be it human or pet.  Sizes ranging from 8×10 to 16×20.

Finished a painting

Finished a painting

So, if you’ve been a reader here long enough to have read this post, then I have some news for you – I finally finished that painting!  Since my posts don’t seem to have the YEAR in them, that post was from probably August 2010.  Yes, over three years ago.  The last picture in that post is how the painting… Read more →