New Products

Winners Abound

Since there were only two people who commented on my bow giveaway post, I thought it would feel odd picking a number or flipping a coin or whatever to choose one winner, so I have decided to give away a bow (or set of the smaller bows) to both commenters!  Yay, congrats to you both! I will contact the both… Read more →

My First ‘Craft Fair’

It was a pretty small operation, but what better place to get my toes wet with the craft fair scene?  The entry fee was only $10, for a 10 foot space.  If I had had more product, that would have been a super investment.  Alas I had only one table, and pretty much took all of what I have in… Read more →

Updated code, and my Smoosher’s entry

I think IE should now be able to see this site without choking. I’m a little embarrassed to say it was bad coding on my part, and apparently FF and Chrome just “knew” what I was getting at, while IE was taking things literally. With the help of my mother-in-law, who I am quite grateful for saving me the headache… Read more →