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Easter dress – 98% completed

I’m just about done with my daughter’s Easter dress.  All I have left to do is slipstitch the lining to the zipper. She LOVES it so far, and is begging me to let her wear it before Easter.  Sorry kiddo!   Things I’ve learned so far on this project: Cutting takes nearly as long as the sewing does. But a… Read more →

Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones will be premiering on April 1st. I can hardly wait!  We bought season 1 on iTunes so we could rewatch them, and we also bought a copy of the soundtrack, too. Yet another countdown… [ujicountdown id=”Game of Thrones” expire=”2012/04/01 21:00″ hide = “true”]  

Counting down to Spring Break

I put a little countdown timer at the bottom of the page (it didn’t really fit very well on the sidebar), more for me than anything else I guess.  I’m looking forward to a couple of days off when my daughter goes on Spring Break, even if we don’t even go anywhere. We’re working a lot of overtime at work,… Read more →

Vacation – there and back again

The three of us just got back from vacation yesterday.  We went to Disneyland, for our daughter it was her first time.  She did really well with all of the walking we did (we figure we averaged about five miles a day), all of the waiting in line and the boredom that ensues with the waiting. Cast of characters: My… Read more →

Reinventing the Wheel

Remember not long ago, I mentioned wanting to update the look of my blog?  And that it would probably not be a very speedy process, yeah? I still haven’t really gotten past the “wanting to” stage, but I have been rethinking whether I should stick with this CMS, ExpressionEngine (EE), or change back to…. WordPress. Yes, I know.  That program… Read more →