Definitely not craft related

Pardon my dust

My blog may look a bit funky for a little bit. I’m trying a theme that will help me export my entries from WordPress into a format that I can import to another blog platform that I am going to experiment with, and it’s going to mess up the look of this place while I do so. I will put… Read more →

I think we’re back

I have my database files back and a clean install of wordpress. If you see any problems let me know.  I know there may be some photo links on featured studio posts that are not working, but that is really the least of my worries at the moment.

So much for that feeling of relief

Apparently everyone did such a bang up job with the after hours work last week that they want to do it again this week. I guess they think we have no life outside of work or something. Geeze. I’m beginning to really hate being salaried.  *sigh*