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Crafty Carnival at the school

Last Saturday I participated as a vendor at my daughter’s school Spring Carnival again. Last year I participated and didn’t sell a thing. This year, I sold a key chain, a bottlecap necklace, and several hair bows.  I’d like to thank everyone who stopped by and bought something from me this year, you really made my day! :) I worked… Read more →

WIPs, completed projects and high expectations

WIPs, completed projects and high expectations

I already posted pictures of these on FB last night, but figured it would make a good blog post, too, following up on my last one about ordering my sewing machine. I first used it to fix some bad stitching on one of my daughter’s nightgowns, using a “stretchy” stitch since the fabric is kind of stretchy.  Not too bad… Read more →

In need of inspiration

So I’ve finished thirty-two more pumpkin pie slice charms like these: (some with and some without whipped topping).  I haven’t photographed them yet, the whipped topping on some is a little different and I used copper for the wrapped loops on some of them as well, but they’ll be available for the asking when I increase the quantities on my… Read more →