Craft Fairs

Crafty Carnival at the school

Last Saturday I participated as a vendor at my daughter’s school Spring Carnival again. Last year I participated and didn’t sell a thing. This year, I sold a key chain, a bottlecap necklace, and several hair bows.  I’d like to thank everyone who stopped by and bought something from me this year, you really made my day! :) I worked… Read more →

I’ll be all domesticated and stuff

I ordered a sewing machine. :-o It will (should) arrive tomorrow, but I have no fabric or anything yet.  Picked out a pattern for a dress for my daughter but, since I’ve never used a sewing machine in my life, I’m probably setting my sights pretty high.  It seems like a simple pattern, but knowing my luck it may not… Read more →

My First ‘Craft Fair’

It was a pretty small operation, but what better place to get my toes wet with the craft fair scene?  The entry fee was only $10, for a 10 foot space.  If I had had more product, that would have been a super investment.  Alas I had only one table, and pretty much took all of what I have in… Read more →